We believe in the success of the real Made in Italy

We operate at international level, offering a range of services to support business development

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The Philosophy

The Mithapp Staff is a Group of Import&Export Professionals, who strongly believe in the success of the real Made in Italy – not Italian Sounding -  and want to assist all those who require to get the real essence of the quality.

We support Italian companies in the internalization phase and as an import-export consulting organization, we support the foreign companies to identify the appropriate suppliers and products in our country. Our specialists know many Italian companies and we constantly have in contact with different industrial districts of them.

We operate at international level, offering a range of services to support business development.

Our main jobs are to facilitate import/export activities, deliver business training and drive the companies in strategic and operative changing.

Thanks to our international network, we can support businesses in many countries for identifying new opportunities and benefit of our clients.




Family, tradition and innovation drive our food distributing company to extend our different range of products and constantly supply our customers with quality and service. We’re working with a extensive product portfolio:

- Food & Beveradge: like pasta, souces, biscuits, organic wine, vinegar, jam, etc.

- Fashion Items like T-shirt, trousers, jacket, shoes, coat, blouse, dress, suite, etc.

- High technology machinery: We will help you to find out some of the best technology in the world, especially in industrial and automated machines; we are in contact with the most Excellence Italian Companies.

Our goal is to shape the excellence of "Made in Italy" to the whole of our clients – a first glimpse of Italy


Our Team

Steve Danese

CEO of Mithapp Company

Manager of UK, USA, Asia, Australian market

Steve Danese

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Michael Danese

Managing Director

Manager of French and Germany market

Michael Danese web

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International Team

We’re Mithapp, as an international team we’re composed of direct copywriters, direct internet marketers, strategic planners, art directors, accountants and lawyers. 

Our team is all over the world; however we created the first “liquid Company”, we believe that the brightest minds are not all in the same place and that’s why we have several core locations.



The Mithapp Staff proposal: products based on the suggestions of all its customers, we publish online products and we pick orders to obtain the cheapest factory price and the right shipping model.

We have available docks all over Italy and we cooperate with the best international corriers to guarantee a logistic model for all the clients.

Our Costumers maximize savings with multiple-package consolidation & discounted import rates!

Free package repack and consolidation

Discounted rates with DHL, FedEx, UPS & USPS

Personal shopper service


Customs & export compliance support

Superior handling of your valuable goods

Concept from Italy

foto8 copia

Thanks to our site assistant, we will care about you for giving a service tailored to your needs and a site inspection to know Italy as well as Italians and not as tourist. 

  • foto9food . There is no other place in the world where you can eat with the same quality as Italy. Food is perfect. That's why a lot of italians don't want to travel abroad. (with the Personal Shopper service break the rules, our clients can help you to conduct market research within our suppliers to make sure which italian product is the best suited for your market.

We search and select Italian excellence, like the Made in Italy ingredients straight from famous dishes all around the world, for giving the opportunity to know and purchase handcraft product… with a simple “click”.


  • foto10fashion items: Italian fashion and design is a great brand and it's very common to find "artisans" doing custom shoes or shirts for you. They are also very expensive items because of the quality and its status symbol.

We can guarantee the Personal Shoppers service to find out in a short time the coolest Italian style: Made in Italy leather garments, porcelains, furnishing accessories, jewelry, sculptures and paintings become available to all;

Thanks to Mithapp many artisans have the opportunity to keep in touch with their customers from all over the world; a Global Market, as indicated by Export Observatory of Politecnico of Milan, is a worth of 6 billions euros and you will be with us an integral part of this business.



  • foto11tourism: Italy can't move beauty, try to "export" your tourists here and they'll love it – we can recommend you the best destinations, hotels and tours where you will enjoy lovely days in a perfect “italian style”: we will recommend you excursions, the means to take for moving from a place to the other one in the “Bel Paese”, the hotel facilities and the experience to live, because we believe that the meaning of visiting a place go beyond simple appearances.

You will be excited to watch with your eyes the stories of great ancestors that preceded us in a new project called “tailor made”.



  • foto12high technology machinery. In Italy you will find some of the best technology in the world, especially in industrial and automated machines. You also get a lot of quality in medical machines and in the same time we are in contact with the most Excellence Italian Companies.





With your Private Personal Shopper You will IMPORT FROM THOUSANDS OF ITALIAN RETAILERS learning,

shipping and bringing what You Love of ITALY.

Parts & Service



Our consultants assist foreign enterprises in the management and optimization of operational activities related to international relations, such as:

  •           Logistics and distribution;
  •           Assistance in commercial negotiation;
  •           Commercial information;
  •           Language assistance for translation of contracts and documents.

We also provide operational support for the management of the following business activities:

  •           Organization of trade fairs and events;
  •           Analysis and market research;
  •           Institutional and commercial presence in the WEB.



We assist foreign companies that decide to enter into the Italian market or other Business Structures interested to extend their market in the Italian Peninsula.

 If you plan to start business in Italy, we can help you to evaluate the market, prepare business plans, find out the best partner and start your activity.

Our services and expertise are offered by a cost effective consultancy basis and each client or project are individually evaluated.

Our services for export in Italy include:

  • Strategic planning to enter the Italian market;
  • Selection of salesmen, agents, importers and distributors;
  • Setting up a distribution network;
  • Help in negotiations and other support (including legal, banking, insurance etc.);
  • Monitoring and audit of operations; 
  • Salesmen / specialists of the sector (full time dedicated to the product if it is     required);
  • Research of potential new customers;
  • Customer monitoring;
  • Presence in the reference area;
  • Other strategic and operative services.

The products are distributed through B2B Market; we have consolidated business relation with many customers throughout Italy. LINK


  • tipa01“ Steve ist einen sachkundiger und klarer Berater für online marketing, immer neue Vorschlägen und ergebnisorientiert. - Steve ist einen sachkundiger und klarer Berater für online marketing, immer neue Vorschlägen und ergebnisorientiert. ”

  • tipa01

    “ I really enjoyed working with Mithapp on projects and class discussion. They’re smart, focus-driven workers that really knows how to drive a team and manage others' capabilities and strenghts.”

  • FrancoTempesta

    “Steve Danese has get a course of Export Management with me, and over time he has also become a close friend on mine. Immediately I noticed a sharp, scrupulous and meticulous person; he is a serious and reliable professional." - Dr. Franco Tempesta, Consultant for International Marketing & Trade Techniques.”

    Franco Tempesta


Location: Sardinia island website: gelateriariss.it In Porto San Paolo, in
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